Are you spending to much on advertising due to Click Fraud?

click fraudClick fraud is becoming a major problem for online advertisers. If you advertise your web site on pay per click search engines such as Overture or Google AdWords, chances are that you pay way too much for ads you have placed.

Adknowledge Bidsystem Marketplace is the next generation in Internet advertising and click fraud prevention. Adknowledge has a special technology that enables them to identify possible click frauds, removing them automatically, thus, not charging the user for clicks which will not convert. Adknowledge also offers different case studies to ensure you that their system is fully operational and efficient.

What is click fraud?
Click fraud is the practice of artificially inflating the number of clicks in a pay per click online campaign. Overture defines click fraud as clicks arising for reasons other than the good-faith intention of an Internet user to visit a web site to purchase goods or services or to obtain information.

Google defines click fraud, or invalid clicks, as any method used to artificially and/or maliciously generate clicks or page impressions. No matter how you define it, click fraud means that someone is cheating you and that you pay too much for your pay per click campaigns.

Adknowledge distributes your text-based listing throughout our email and banner network. Each day, we deliver advertisements on behalf of over 50,000 advertisers to many of the top 500 websites on the Internet.

• Build your listing in minutes.
• Choose from over 1,200 targeted categories.
• Simply bid for ads on a cost per click (CPC) basis.
• Free tools to analyze your campaign.

Adknowledge is a single destination for advertisers looking for quality clicks beyond Google and Yahoo. Adknowledge operates an online marketplace that allows advertisers to bid for traffic in websites, smaller search engines and email. To date, more than 50,000 advertisers have used the Adknowledge ad marketplace. Additionally, publishers can show Adknowledge ads by utilizing AdStation(TM) on their website, email list, or search engine. For more information on Adknowledge, please visit us at For information on how to show Adknowledge ads within your website or email newsletter, visit

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