How Hot is your Blog?

Many serious bloggers like Darren Rowse of the successful professional blogging blog, John Chow’s make money online blog, and JD Roth’s of the well-known financial management blog, are all finding ways to keep their blogs enjoying great traffic without having to always churn out lengthy blog posts they’ve written themselves everyday. What makes it so easy for them? Check out these tips:

1. Get Guest-Bloggers
If your blog is so hot with traffic and commenters, which means it has a great interactive community, it won’t be hard to entice other bloggers to write content for your blog. Actually, you don’t even have to lure them – they’ll come begging to be your guest-bloggers. Just announce that you are accepting guest blog posts and you will receive fresh content for your blog in no time.

2. Explore other Forms of New Media
Check out Yaro Starak’s and, aside from blog posts what other form of content makes their sites tick? Online videos. If a picture paints a thousand words, a video paints millions. Or how about a short podcast? You might have exemplary skills in speaking that your blog’s visitors don’t know yet. Even if you don’t, there’s no harm in trying. Using other forms of media will definitely make your readers appreciate your effort in presenting to them fresher ways of communicating.

3. Improve Your Blog’s Aesthetic Appeal
If you have a well-visited blog with a so-so blog layout, why not get a re-design? Don’t think that you will do it to become one of those eyecandy blogs – I’m sure you’re not that shallow. Think about improving your site’s usability – a blog design that’s easier to navigate, a color scheme and text fonts that are easier on the eyes. Many hot blogs do it for those two reasons – improved usability and a fresher face.