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Do you love to chat online? If you are searching for a free site to chat with other teens in your area or state, you may want to visit . They provide a completely free chat site and you can register easily. They also offer free teen chat, blogging tools, personals, and online dating. There are hundreds of teens in your area waiting on the absolutely free chat lines to talk now.

Site lists phone numbers in over 150 cites where anyone over 18 can chat live on the phone with other singles.

Both guys and gals can call in for free and chat live OR leave Voice Personals for others to hear when they are off the phone.

These lines are often called phone chat lines, chat lines, live chat lines, free teen chat lines and local chat lines.

Callers don’t have to give out their phone numbers and are Anonymous when they are on the system.

Site also offers dating tips and advice for singles.

When callers call the chat line they record a greeting for others to hear while they are on the phone. Then they listen to greetings of the other callers that are live on the system and then can choose to send a message to that person or they can request a live connection with that caller.

And as mentioned above, they can also leave a voice ad that others will hear when they hang up. Then next time they call back in they can hear the messages that were left for them by callers when they were not on the phone.