The Greatest Online Story Ever Told: The Truth about Internet Freebies

internet freebeesDo you want to know the truth about internet freebies? Do you really want to know if they’re as good as people claim they are? The truth about Internet freebies may be surprise you, but whether it’s a good or bad surprise depends on how much you already know and what your goals are.

If you want to know the truth about Internet freebies then here’s the first thing you should keep in mind: nothing is really given away completely free, not even in the World Wide Web. There is always something the other party wants in exchange, but since what they want won’t cost you a penny and maybe require very little of your time and effort, then the whole deal may still be referred to as free.

But remember: trades and transactions do not exclusively take place with money as medium. There are other ways for people to bargain with each other and when two people give and take then that can’t literally and strictly be referred to as free.

The Hidden ‘But’ – Well, of course it’s hidden. In order to lure you into accepting or knowing more about the freebie offer, websites will tell you that it’s not going to ask for anything in exchange. But it will. Oh yes, it will. Nevertheless, what you’re going to do in return is not that difficult.

Firstly, they may ask you to share information about yourself because they need to increase their knowledge of their target market. Secondly, they may ask you to answer a survey because they want to gauge the performance of their products or services. Thirdly, they may ask you for referrals. Information is usually the end goal of these companies and it’s up to your discretion if you want to give it or not.

Size Matters – Or at least, the size of the business done. When an online business is just starting, it offers a lot of things for free in hopes of building its customer base. But as it grows and becomes more secure with its customers, the offers for freebies gradually decrease until it becomes absolutely nonexistent. So here’s another internet freebie info you should remember: better freebies can be found in smaller and lesser known websites.

Delivery Costs – Ask about the delivery. Yes, sure, the product’s completely for free, but what if you’re living in another continent? Will they ship it to you for free?

There’s always something to pay for those “freebies” but if you can afford to pay them then go ahead and grab those freebies!