AvaTax Automated Sales Tax Compliance for ProStores Shopping Cart Program

sales tax computation program for prostoresDo you need a comprehensive Sales Tax Management program that you can integrate with Prostores shopping cart program? AvaTax just introduced a leading tax management solution called AvaTax Automated Sales Tax Compliance for ProStores .

AvaTax provides the fastest, easiest, most accurate and affordable way for small and mid-sized businesses to manage compulsory sales tax functions. Integrated into accounting and eCommerce applications used by over 10,000 users, AvaTax eliminates the tedious work and complexity associated with calculating, collecting, reporting and remitting sales taxes in multiple jurisdictions.

Similar to the automated payment processing options offered by ProStores, AvaTax for ProStores works in the background of your e-commerce store via a secure internet connection, in order to automate sales tax calculation and compliance for each sales transaction in real-time.

By providing all the tools a business needs to sell online, ProStores is making internet based sales a practical option for thousands of businesses. For many businesses expanding their reach with an internet store means they also need to deal with new and complex sales tax requirements. For every taxable sale, a correct tax must be determined and applied to the transaction.

With over 12,500 sales tax regions within North America and thousands of sales tax rate and boundary changes every year; managing sales tax in multiple jurisdictions can be an overwhelming task for an e-commerce business. Yet it’s required by law. For more details visit : http://www.avalara.com/ProStores