London parking spaces and garages for rent

parking signsAre you looking for a Parking Space for rent in London? Got a driveway, a garage you don’t use or even an empty lot? If you live somewhere where people need to park their cars, you could rent it out by the day or by the year even.

I stumbled upon the Parking London site, parking rental rates are much affordable than the normal contract parking or what local storage companies would charge for you to park or even store your car. They offer a safe and secured parking space all around UK .

They not only list park spaces that are available for you to rent, but offer their services for you to place an ad for the spaces you have available for rent. If you have a spare garage space, or some off-road area available for parking, then you can earn yourself some extra money by renting it. Most people renting out a parking space can expect to earn money weekly, depending on location and demand for parking in your area. will handle all of the hard work of renting out your parking space, such as contracts, finding a tenant and collecting money for you.

Whether you are looking for a parking space for work, home or for your business trip. visit