Take Better Vacation Photos with these 7 Photography Tips

Change your perspectiveIt’s another season of the year, and if you haven’t begun planning that snowy ski vacation, you are definitely planning your summer escape to the beach. The photographs you take during your travels are the ones you will be looking back on years from now to remember all the fun you had, so why not have some pointers.

Depending on where you go, you will definitely find good subjects for your photos. Read some photography tips from Jeff Nolan, Manila Freelancer’s very first guest blogger.

With these 7 tips, your vacation photos can be better than ever.

1.) Plan photography into your trip

  • Research various travel books of the places where you will be traveling, and decide which photos you want to use to make your memories. Then choose the best time of day for these photos – sunset or sunrise both offer the most flattering light.

2.) Choose uncluttered backgrounds

  • Trying to get as much into the shot as you can is great – just make sure other people and buildings don’t take away the integrity of your photo.

3.) Use people to show scale

  • What looks dramatic in person may not look that way once the photo is framed. Use people in the foreground or off to the side to show perspective and create a more dramatic effect.

4.) Capture color

  • Vivid colors make your photos stand out. Always be prepared to take a gorgeous picture of bright sailboats or the brightly painted houses in the Caribbean, or of the landscape in a national forest.

5.) Change your perspective

  • Don’t be afraid to crouch or lay down to take a more interesting shot with your digital camera. These shots are more dramatic and can bring back fun memories of a trip from a different point of view.

6.) Adjust to the light

  • Avoid harsh shadows at the beach by shooting on cloudy days, in shade, or at sunrise or sunset. You can also use your flash when shooting into the sunlight to lessen the strong shadows on faces or other objects in the shot.

7.) Bring your camera along for the ride

  • Be sure to catch all the action and relive the days of theme park fun by taking photos on the swings, the rollercoaster or the Ferris wheel. But be careful, if you don’t have a wrist strap for your camera, now is the time to get one!

Now your family and friends will be jealous; not only of your fantastic vacation, but of your fantastic travel photos. Display them proudly in frames all over your house, as they don’t deserve to be hidden away in boxes with the rest of your mediocre vacation photos.

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  • Great tips, but i liked the last and the 7th tip. What ever we and how good photographers we are, you not perfect without the wrist strap. Many people doesn’t take it seriously.

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  • Getting low to the ground – or unusually high above it – is one of the easier but more powerful tips a person can learn. Ansel Adams used to drive around with a wooden platform atop his car so he could climb up and change the view, looking almost straight down, or to get a more sweeping vista of a mountain valley.

    On that note, a correlary to the uncluttered backgrounds is to use a powerful foreground. Notice how the rocks in your foggy lake photo draw the eye in, exaggerate the perspective, and generally make the image more compelling to look at?

  • Great write up. I am going on vacation in few days, and plan to use these tips. Thanks

  • See my Curious Cat Travels, photos of my vacations.

  • Some people buy a digital camera before they go on vacation and are not familiar with all of its functions before using it, so another good tip is to thoroughly learn how to use your camera before you set off.