Why do you need to Defrag your Computer?

Does your computer becoming slow? Defrag your computer and save more time on loading! The most significant reason why your computer is slow is its disk fragmentation.

Each time you store a file on a hard disk, the computer saves the new data on your available disk space, which may cause its existing files to get scattered across the disk.

This can cause computer loading latency, you need to defrag your computer from time to time to avoid massive slow down. If you want to avoid this problem, you need to regularly defrag computer and the easiest way to do this is by using Lacelevel2.

Why do we have to Defrag?

  • When Fragmentation level increases, and you find it yourself by the change in the response time of the computer, it is too late and Defrag won’t help too much.
  • Analysis of the feedback from our last 100,000 users shown that 4% found out that their fragmentation is too high as described above, while with 32% the early warning provided enabled them to avoid entering this state.
  • In 60 seconds you will know your status. Just download and run Lacelevel2.
  • You will not risk any more an unnecessary Defrag unless it is really required.

Lacelevel2” is the measurement unit for the fragmentation level. It is related to the quality of the data and not to the size or utilization of your disk and you’ll understand how to use it later in the Advanced Services. Like an earthquake, the higher the number is on the scale, it describes a worst situation.

Lacelevel2 is the desktop product which calculates the fragmentation level of your disk. It is also distributed by Google as a gadget for Google Desktop Search. Downloading it from here enables both functions.

LaceWatcher enables distributed fragmentation management on your servers, workstations, PCs and Linux machines by a central operator – preparing a maintenance plan. You may now control data quality and save a lot of resources. Visit http://www.disklace.com

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