Landing Pages: What They Are, How They Work and What They Can Do

landing pagesEver wondered what landing pages are and what they can do for you?  Are you planning to launch a new online marketing campaign complete with search engine placement, blog buzz and perpectly designed creatives.  Or maybe you’re an internet marketer in-the-making or a budding Web entrepreneur, you should understand how landing pages work so you can put them to good use.

What are landing pages, anyway?
A landing page is a web page that a visitor arrives at after clicking on an ad or a link from a search engine results page. The landing page should reflect what the link or ad described or it can be an extension of the statement found on the link or ad.

Generally, it contains certain keywords or key phrases that are carefully chosen to ensure that the link (and the landing page itself) is optimized. Landing pages may also be referred to as the lead capture pages.

How does a landing page work?
Let’s say for example that you find a link to an ad that says, ‘Free online classes in scrapbooking. Click here.’ Once you click on the link, you should arrive at a landing page that contains details about the free online classes. You should also find related details here, such as enrollment method, course description, name of instructor, dates, payment, etc.

What do landing pages do?
There are two kinds of landing pages, each of which has different functions: the transactional landing page and the reference landing page. The transactional landing page is most often used in internet marketing. Visitors use this page to make transactions such as take a survey, fill out a form, choose goods or services, buy or subscribe.

The reference type of landing pages, on the other hand, contains information related to the link, text ad or image. The information found on reference landing pages also has a purpose: to inform, guide, recommend, discuss or relate, depending on the goals of the publishers.

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