Turn your normal images into something a little more fun!

Do you want to add speech bubbles on your images? Add cartoon captions to your photos images directly in your browser using The Bubblenator!

Simply pick any picture on the Internet – then run it through our online tool and make some captions to the picture – then copy & paste the full code onto your website or blog and you are done.

It’s fun and easy. Load in your image, then use the Bubblenator to add ‘speech bubbles’ wherever you want them. Place up to three bubbles onto your image, fill in your desired text for each, change sizes, choose from ‘spoken’ and ‘thought’ bubbles.

Once you’re done, we’ll provide you with HTML code you can use to put your captioned image on your web site, blog, Myspace page or just about anywhere else you would normally add an image. Just copy and paste a few lines and you’re done!

Getting Started:
Begin by loading in an image in through the front page. The Bubblenator will then load the image along with the appropriate controls for adding your captions. Make sure the URL you type in is a FULL Internet address, including the http://.
For example, http://www.mywebsite.com/picturefolder/imageurl.jpg

Adding/Removing Bubbles:
The default editor will load one bubble to start with. You can add up to two more bubbles by clicking on the add button located in the bottom controls. On the flipside, you can remove an added bubble by clicking on it, then clicking on the remove button.

Orientating Bubbles:
To move a bubble; click on it, then drag it while continuing to hold down the mouse button.

Changing Bubble Styles:
Click on one of the 4 small bubbles in the bottom controls to flip the bubble horizontally, or change it from ‘spoken’ bubbles to ‘thought’ bubbles.

Changing Bubble Sizes:
The size of a selected bubble can be changed by clicking on the plus/minus buttons. This changes the size of both the bubble and the contained text.