Why do we need Business Cards?

business cardsBusiness Cards no longer just provide a contact information; it is now more of a marketing tool. Since it serves as your point of contact or reference, whatever information you have in your Business Card is extremely significant. Using business cards can be extremely advantageous for bringing in future sales and referrals to your business. Aside from your name, email, address and phone numbers, most businesses nowadays are including their slogan and or list of products and services at the back of the card.

When we talk about the design, make sure that the font sizes, styles, and colors are matching with your corporate logo. Make sure to put your website address in bold letters and try to be more creative on the design.

Don’t be shy to distribute your business card to everyone you know and let them know that you can be contacted anytime they need your help. Make sure to place at least three copies of your business card in your wallet. You never know when a situation will arise to meet potential customers, business partners or maybe an advertiser on your blog! Remember, offline social networking can also help you meet potential clients.

Get a business card holder that can store a dozen of cards, being organized will give your potential clients a good first impression.

A lot of small printing shops are available in most shopping malls in Manila. If you have not time to visit shopping malls, check out http://www.vistaprint.com. They create professionally designed Premium Business Cards for as low as $9.99.

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  • It would also be a good thing to have different designs of BusinessCards. You know, for variety. A lot of people are doing it nowadays. I’m planning to have a different design for mine, soon.

    Happy blogging!

  • Thanks for the tips!

    I like the idea of having two different types of business cards: personal and professional. They’ll both serve a networking purpose but for different situations, which will be infinitely useful for distributing contact information.

  • You are right about needing a few business cards everywhere you go, you never know who you will meet!

  • Busines cards are very impostant for any business never go out without them.

  • we need business cards so we can drop them in the containers at restaurants that give u a chance to win a free lunch! :D

  • i really need to print my business card na.. hehe