How to Find the Most Affordable Way to Get Online: Choosing a Cheap DSL Service

Are you wondering what determines a cheap DSL service? Can we really get an affordable and quality DSL service all at the same time? Well, that’s a question that many other people ask, people who have only recently seen the advantages of getting their lives wired to the World Wide Web. If you are just starting on your freelancing career and you are still on the cheap, here are some factors to consider if you are to find the most affordable way to get yourself online.

Less Bandwidth – This is true with any DSL service provider. It is in fact what determines a cheap DSL service the most. If you are okay with lesser bandwidth than usual then you can also effectively reduce DSL rates. Of course, don’t forget that the lesser bandwidth you have available to work with, the slower your Internet connection would be. This might not be a problem if there are only a few people using the Internet.

Number of Users – How many of you are using the Internet in your home? If there is only one or two of you then maybe you could work with lesser bandwidth than usual. But that could be a problem if there are five of you using the Internet and often all at the same time. Also, DSL service providers often use this to evaluate the suitability of your application. If you have a small startup company but has more than thirty employees, you might not be qualified to get the lowest DSL package even if that’s the one you’re applying for.

Purpose and Location – Is the DSL service for residential and commercial use? Internet connection used by businesses automatically fetches higher rates than those for residential use. Also, where is the place located? Would the place’s structure and electricity installation set up be a hindrance in having DSL service installed? Such concerns as well as geographical location could make your installation fee more costly than usual.

Packaged Deals – There are several times a year that DSL service providers offer individual and business customers a chance to avail of their packaged or bundled deals. You could save a lot of money if you avail any of these offers, but only if you really need all that’s being offered. Sometimes, DSL service may be offered alongside with cable service and phone connection.

You have to remember that a discount DSL service may also be more unreliable than more expensive packages. But if you’re okay with that then there’s nothing wrong with going for that kind of deal.