Happy New Year!

Beer and Fireworks = Bad Combination

It has been a Year for all of us and its the perfect time for a personal realization. Did you achieve you previous year’s personal or business goal? Its your perfect time to set your new goals! Forget the bad things but remember the lessons learned from it.  Oh btw! Make sure to avoid fireworks! Its hard to BLOG with incomplete fingers (LOL)

  • This is crazy, what would the guy without the head do? :) Nice post to start the new year with, hope am your first commenter this year. Have a Wonderful New Year!

  • A prosperous and happy new year to you Melo! More power and God bless! :D

  • @ Felix – thats why we need to be extra careful on using firecrackers

    @ Jaypee – same here! more power to you as well

  • Hello there, Belated happy new year :)