Experts in One Site? A Short Review of

kasambaEver wished there was a way you could find a medical expert, a computer professional, a beauty consultant, a relationship counselor and a psychic all in one website? That’s for you, a website composed of experts from a wide variety of practices and disciplines whom you can get in touch with using live chat.

What is is one of the leading providers of expert advice online. The difference is, these experts speak to you live, using real time chat. Its main goal is to become a source of expert advice and opinion offering customers and providers with a convenient and secure means of communication. It was recently acquired by LivePerson, Inc.

The main categories you’ll find in are:

  • Shopping and style
  • Professional counseling
  • Spirituality and religion
  • Computers and programming
  • Coaching and personal development
  • Education and Tutoring
  • Arts and creative services
  • Business and Finance

In case you’re wondering, is a paid service, although there is an initial free (but limited) access for new users. Since there is a wide range of subjects and fields offered here, it’s nearly impossible not to find the help you need.

The good, the bad, Kasamba
For experts, this is a dream site. Once you’re registered (there are certain requirements you’ll have to meet, depending on your category), you’ll be given your own virtual office, along with LIVE chat, a software you can use to communicate with clients. From Kasamba, you’ll get access to clients thereafter.

Kasamba performs the promotions through targeted ads. Clients will then get in touch with you through chat or e-mail. The great thing is, you will have control over who you consult with and who you want to avoid. You’re also free to decide on your charge rates and consulting schedule.

Unfortunately, there are some categories that have experienced problems in the past. There have been issues regarding come experts’ credentials. Some customers (along with other experts) have also claimed some experts, particularly those offering psychic services, are guilty of unethical practices.

That being said,, in spite of a few rough patches, remains as one of the most promising sites to find expert advice in. It’s also a great community to join if you yourself have an expertise you can offer.

  • Wow, that sounds very interesting. Thanks for the heads up!

  • This sounds like a great website….one that I will definitely check out! An expert opinion for any subject. It sounds like all they need is heavier screening to pick the experts.

    Thanks for the information!

  • Andy

    I consult from home and have enjoyed reading your blog for ideas on how to make money. Kasamba does have a lot of experts, which is great for buyers but not so great for new experts with no sales. Also, they charge their experts 30% plus $0.17 per minute! I prefer to use similar services that charge much less and have less competition (such as Bitwine and Rogomo).

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