Earn Money Online from Audio Ads

Do you have a good number of visitors in your blog and you want to earn money online? I would like to share to you this wonderful opportunity for you to earn from every visitor without clicking on any banner or link ads. Just continue doing what you like, blog about almost anything and this program will let you earn doing nothing extra as such!

NetAudioAds is looking for new affiliates to sign up with them for a unique form of advertising. They offer unique 5 second audio advertising that plays only once per visitor. Audio Ad Hosting is cool because there are multiple ways to make money through their advertising system featuring popular companies such as Taco Bell, HBO, Harley Davidson, inc and more.

With Audio Ad Hosting advertisements you make money every time the ad plays to a visitor of your site, no clicks are needed. They are also offering a good affiliate program for a short time only. So , if you really want to earn money online, never delay, sign up immediately.

This is a Sponsored post by Audioadhosting.com

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  • I personally do not feel that audio advertising is the way to go. If I landed on a site that started playing those kinds of ads I would be off like a shot. It would be invasive as well as intrusive.

  • Thank you, sounds pretty cool, not on any website though and depending on your niche. I don’t know how invasive it might seem, but worth a shot, people may find that interesting.

  • I think that there is some catch. There are many blogs with hundreds and thousands of unique visitors daily and if they all take up the programme they are sure not to get the money.

  • Its true, I have already joined the payperplay audio ads network and would recoment it to all those money makers.. Its a great and easy way to earn online, just add a simple code and thats it!

  • i’ve already sign to this program but installing the code is very hard

  • I also agree that audio advertising is irritating to users although the ‘play once per user’ is a good feature – nothing worse than every time you navigate to another page the video reloads and starts playing again. Pet hate to be honest.

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