Boracay and my new Asus Eee Pc

boracay island bloggers tripI got an email from Yuga about Microtel Boracay and Seair and Zuzuni Boracay sponsored trip a couple of weeks back but i never took it seriously maybe because I’m doing so many things that time. It just started preparing for this trip a couple of days ago when I got another email reminder from Yuga that our departure from Manila will be on January 11, 2008 which will be tomorow. Since then, Ive been busy updating my blogs (several blog) for couple of days already just to make sure that there will be at least one advance post per blog.

As of this writing, I’m here in Trinoma to buy things that i need to bring tomorow. Ive been looking forward for a vacation and i think this is the right time!

My new Asus Eee Pc

asus eee pc reviewIve been reading a lot of good reviews about this tiny gadget even before it became available in the local market. About a month ago, I went to GreenHills to checkout how much it is in the market. Fair enough, its ranging from 17,000.00 to 19,000.00 and I wanted to buy one that time but the color that i want is not available. I told myself I’ll just buy before my next travel and here it is, Im going to Boracay with my new Asus Eee PC. Im still learning the interface since the OS is somehow different from what I’ve been using since birth:) Overall, the Eee PC’s design is remarkable, travel-friendly and worth for the price. This incredible tiny Pc has an SD Card slot, two USB ports, and a VGA port on the right. I just find it very hard to use the keyboard but im getting used to it.

Its affordable and useful, no wonder it became 2007 America’s Most Wanted Christmas Gift.

Heres more about Asus Eee Pc :

Mobility & Reliability
• At 7″ and weighing only 0.92kg, you can take the Eee PC anywhere.
• Bumps and shocks are no longer issues. With a dependable solid-state disk, you get unparalleled shock-protection and reliability.
• Power-efficient design provides longer operating time when on the go.

Ease & Technology
• With a rapid start-up time, the Eee PC is always ready to get into action.
• No technical manual required with the specially designed, user-friendly and intuitive graphic interface .

Work & Connectivity
• You’re always connected with built-in WiFi 802.11 b/g that automatically detects and connects to the Internet at any hotspot.
• The Eee PC includes the documents and the e-mails software, and a suite of other productivity software to help keep you on track.
• Upload photos and videos and share them instantly on Flickr or YouTube without waiting till you get home.

Media & Entertainment
• Enjoy music and videos with extensive support for a wide range of digital multimedia.
• Log on to Skype or other network, and you can connect with friends anywhere, anytime.
• Clear up wire clutter with the built-in card reader, camera, speakers, and microphone.

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  • Ano ba yan, mukhang mas alam ko pang mag fly ka to Bora kesa sayo. Take lots of pictures ha and enjoy your trip! :)

  • Hello Nina,

    hahaha oo nga.. Im sure you can join na on the next trips since youre already here….

    see ya soon!

  • “Boracay and my new Asus Eee Pc” – Good article. Congrats.

  • lolz, 7 inch and .92 kg is a big seller, not forgetting it’s also shock proof – ive always wanted a small laptop but then again, i reconsidered getting the 12.1 inch instead as anything smaller that that is pretty difficult to handle :)

    nice laptop btw.. cheers..

  • Hope you have a fun and safe stay in Boracay! Congratulations on your new toy! :D

  • Hello Jaypee,

    im enjoying using my eee pc so far… just got back from Boracay…


  • An officemate shared the review of this compact laptop and they seem to be good for the price. The only drawback I’m seeing is the 4 GB hard drive, not maybe enough for a full 2 hour blue ray downloaded DVD, but I guess that’s wasn’t what it was built for. You can always buy an external hard drive and I believe it should be more than enough for blogging. :)

  • hi melo,

    hope you enjoyed your stay at our microtel boracay, as well as the other bloggers. anton has already posted part 1 of the trip.

    about the Asus laptop, i did hear about it from the metrobank manager in cavite epza that it was affordable but had limited features and specs. like the 4GB hdd. what is the memory speed, 512mb? he also said that it didn’t have a cd/dvd rom. and you said it has only 2 usb slots, sana 4 man lang.

  • A – is for airplane!!!

  • Hey Marc,

    no! A is for Airfort! hahaha please check out my Zuzuni Article here>>>

    Till next!

  • Thats a brilliant mini PC perfect for travelling. I might have to get one myself

  • I agree that the Eee PC is a great travel companion… I won’t go anywhere without mine :o)

    4G (701) black here.

  • I’ve used it for awhile now and I’m in love with it. I used to buy overpriced Sony laptops but that is no longer.