Create Perfect Labels for your Brand

Did you know that brand packaging begins with your brand label? Do you need an attractive product label for your brand? Labels are important factor for your product to sell and create a brand recall. Your brands popularity will depend on your product packaging, efficiency and of course brand logo on your labels.

Frontier Label is a custom labels and custom stickers printing company that started in 2004. At that time they also designed and built custom label and sticker application machinery. The company’s experience in how labels and stickers were applied to various products and what was needed when creating a label or sticker in order for it to be applied properly when using machinery was a great launching point for them into the labels and stickers printing industry. knows that a standard 1/8th inch gap between the labels or stickers on a roll is needed in order for an automatic machine to properly stop and start. They also know that a liner thickness of 40lbs or more is preferred when automatically applying labels or stickers. Most of the machines that we manufactured to apply labels and stickers while owning Pioneer Packaging are still running today 24/7 applying custom stickers and labels.

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