Host a Contest and Make Your Blog Popular

Hosting a contest from your blog can be an excellent way to increase its popularity. People love being a winner and you can bring in the traffic just by creating an online contest and giving prices whether it’s in cash or in kind. Here’s how to host a contest and help make your blog popular instantly:

Offer something related to your blog.
Don’t host a contest about fiction writing if your blog is about gadgets. Unless… you find a way to link the two. Your goal should be to promote your blog or the subject of your blog through the contest.

Link up with a sponsor.
If you can get a sponsor for your blog, you can host a contest that will offer your sponsor’s products as prizes. You get the traffic you want and get to promote your sponsoring company at the same time.

Host a contest to increase creativity.
People like a good challenge and to be commended for being the best at it. Host a contest from your blog that will allow people to use their creative skills. A good example is the time prior to the initial release of the iPhone. Many blogs hosted contests that encouraged people to design what they thought would be the final look of the iPhone and then award the one that came the closest to the final design.

Cash or kind?
That really depends on your budget. Offering cash as a prize for your contest is a good way to build traffic and increase your blog’s popularity. However, you can offer other things. Small tokens such as custom-made pens, t-shirts or really fun stuff like widgets and games will be much appreciated. You can also offer your services like , blog theme design, advertisement spot on your blog and blog review if your blog has a lot of traffic. And if you have some gadget or accessory lying around that you won’t need, why not use that as your contest prize?

Have you tried hosting an online contest? Care to Share your ideas?