Uplogix.com – Network Security Support

Are you using a remote server management program to ensure your entire networks security? How can network administrators benefit from uplogix?

Uplogix now offers the perfect solution for remote Server Management & Network security system, simplifying the difficult job of managing the entire network from multiple locations. With more critical data & applications on the Internet and over multiple locations, network management & Network Security System issues are the central issues for enterprises of all sizes.

Uplogix manufactures remote management solutions for computer networks that span multiple physical locations. With the Uplogix Envoy appliance, network administrators can monitor connectivity, fix problems, automate maintenance tasks, and log changes for the entire network from one location. Envoy is always connected, even when the network goes down, so administrators can quickly get things running again without having to travel to a remote office or server. Uplogix products use today’s strongest security, encryption, and authentication standards to ensure network security.

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