5 Useful Books to Help You Improve Your Creative Writing Skills

Need a good resource book to help you improve your creative writing skills? Here are a few to try and some must-haves for your bookshelf:

The Elements of Style, Fourth Edition
– William Strunk, Jr.

Creative writing still requires good grammar and excellent composition. If there’s one writing Bible you need to buy, this is the book. This is still one of the most authoritative and useful books you can use to hone your creative and/or technical writing skills.

The Elements of Style, Fourth Edition
– Adele Ramet

This is a straightforward guide to using your writing interest and actually turning it into a real skill. Best of all, you get to learn not only to write creatively using fiction but also learn to produce non-fiction works.

On Writing
– Stephen King

Aptly acclaimed as the King of Horror, King takes you on an interesting journey as only he could. Part-writing guide and part-memoir, this book walks you through the essential components of writing, such as plot constructions, characterization and even how to get your book published. It even includes some of his personal creative writing tips.

Creative Writing: Using Fairy Tales to Enrich Writing Skills
– Teresa C. Hackett

This is a great book to have if you’re teaching creative writing to students. However, it’s also quite useful if you want to write stories for kids. You’ll go through mini-lessons and apply your learning immediately.

Story: Substance, Structure, Style & the Principles of Screenwriting
– Robert McKee

Want to take your creative writing skills to the big screen? McKee can show you how. He is an international resource person for screenwriting workshops who can teach you how to write inspiring stories, build characterization and refine your work starting with a small kernel of an idea.

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  • thanks for the books, will find pleasure to learn more ways in maximizing my online revenue


  • Most students will definitely find this post useful. I have read The Elements of Style of William Strunk, Jr. and E.B. White in particular. I find it very educational as well as entertaining. I’ll certainly read the other books referred by this post. Nice job!

  • The Element of Style by William Strunk, Jr. has indeed helped me get through college. Even up to now, the book plays a vital part in my professional life as a translator. I think I’ll check the book of Stephen King next. It seldom happens when an acclaimed author decides to share his writing technique.

  • Thanks for your very useful list. I’ve used William Strunk’s Element of Style since my high school years, but this is the only time I heard about Stephen King writing about writing. I’ll definitely look for the book, :D