Linking Up: 3 Best Mobile Phones for Freelancers

blackberry smart phoneIf there’s a best time to start a freelancing job, it is now. Imagine all the possibilities you can take advantage of thanks to new technologies. Take mobile phones, for example. You simply have to choose the best one to help you with your job and you’re on your way. Here is a short review of the 3 best mobile phones you can use as a freelancer:

The Blackberry has become so popular to businessmen and career-conscious individuals that it has entered our lexicon. This is the perfect electronic assistant to handle your e-mails, phone calls, text messages, meetings, deadlines and organizing needs.

Blackberry also works well with your laptop or desktop computer so syncing them should be easy. You might need to use third-party software in some cases, though.

Samsung’s Blackjack mobile phone is a pretty device and has a great-looking screen. It’s a sleek-looking phone that offers you easier typing with its QWERTY keyboard. It includes Bluetooth 2.0, high quality call and top-of-the-line e-mailing capability. This is one of the best 3G mobile phones for use by freelancers, especially if your job involves graphics, video or music.

What’s a list of great devices for freelancers without the iPhone? Apple’s entry in the mobile phone race is a worthy opponent. It’s a highly innovative phone, with its sleek design and unparalleled touch screen functionality. It’s a speed maniac, is gesture sensitive and can present functions depending on how you hold or touch it.

Freelancers will appreciate the highly efficient web browser, the built-in 2-megapixel camera and WiFi. And yes, it syncs seamlessly with either Mac or PC.

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  • Wow. I wish I had a busy enough lifestyle to have to need all those features. All I use my phone for is to receive calls and to check what time it is! How many people actually use most of the functions available on their phone? A very small percentage methinks.

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  • iPhone have not done that well in terms of expected sales. They are 10000 iphones off targets. They are soon to be reducing their tariffs in the UK.

  • iphone is good but it doesnt give u the feel of a phone ,blackberry is some thing i would suggest.

  • I think Blackberry is the best business tool. Personally I believe Iphone is not really good for business.

  • ron

    Rightly said, these gadgets have made life easier for moving freelancers and with few services like orange offering unlimited text services, it gets easier than ever.

  • Xperia X1

    Where is Best mobile phones for blogger? :D

  • samsung omnia is the touch phone of choice

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