SweetIM Makes Instant Messaging FUN!

sweetIM free emoticons SweetIM provides interesting and colorful set of emoticons and sounds for you to use and play with. This sweet application enhances IM by adding self expression content such as emoticons, winks, audibles, sound FX, Display Pictures, Nudges and more exciting content which improves the messaging experience and enables instant messenger users to express themselves in fun and creative ways.

SweetIM is an add-on for various instant messengers, webmails, forums, blogs and spaces. It enriches communication over the net by way of fun, cool, hilarious content emoticons, Winks, Sound FX, games, glitters and cool nudges. SweetIM works with MSN and Yahoo messenger too. The SweetIM for IE software enhances Internet Explorer browser by placing a new toolbar that allows to add favorite icons and emoticons to any web based application including web based email such as Hotmail, Yahoo mail, Gmail, Web Forums, Blogs and more.

SweetIM is FREE to use, and completely safe – free of any spyware/adware. No tricks here: You will never see pop-up ads because you use SweetIM! So what are you waiting for? Start downloading now no registration needed and with just one click away you will be able to benefit this one. I would definitely use this one from now on. Have fun chatting online!