What is Google Dance and How It Can Affect Your Online Business

Change fuels the Internet and if you can’t keep up, you’ll soon be left behind. And now, there’s Google Dance to stir up the pot some more. Just what is it and how does it affect your online business?

What is Google Dance?
To explain Google Dance, let’s take a look at what Google does with the content it finds online. Google handles zillions of data on the Internet. As a search engine, it manages all these data so that it provides the most updated content for people who search for information online. To do this effectively, Google updates its index regularly. This is to make sure that new content is included in its list.

The Google Dance Tool is provided as a tool to help webmasters and online publishers to determine when the Google search engine is spidering the world wide web. This is an extremely great tool if you want to be prepared for the next Google visit (indexing).

Just how often does Google update itself?
Index update occurs approximately 10 times annually, or every 36 days. These are the major ones. These days, you can expect weekly updates. This is the reason why you get different results for the same keywords after a while. Because the results change, they are seen as ‘dancing’, which explains the name.

How does Google Dance affect online businesses?
There is one significance to Google Dance for online businesses and that is – keep up or suffer the consequences. To survive Google Dance, online businesses must continually create and offer content that offers real value. The more valuable the content your site can offer, the more links will be built to it and the more relevant your site will be for Google-powered searches.

To survive Google Dance, online businesses must also vary the techniques they use for traffic generation. This is to ensure that all source avenues are exhausted and that quality traffic is maintained. It’s also important that online businesses update their content regularly, in order to make sure that they keep up with changes and that they continue to offer fresh, relevant content.