What’s the Truth About Work-At-Home Assembly Jobs?

If you’ve been online for sometime, you’ve probably seen a lot of advertisements promoting work-at-home jobs doing assembly work.

And they’re supposed to pay well. Imagine earning $1,000 or even more within just a few days doing easy work.

But if it’s this good, how come we don’t find any write-ups about this type of job in major newspapers or news in TV about anybody who has made it big doing assembly work?

So what really is the truth about work-at-home assembly jobs?

What do you assemble?
Let’s take a cold, hard look at work-at-home assembly jobs. This type of work does not require a lot of qualifications. In fact, your employers won’t be requiring you to be anything at all, provided you can follow instructions. This is because you will be performing very basic work.

If you sign up for this type of job, the company you’ll be working with will send you a box of materials that you will be putting together. They can be anything – usually toys, simple gadgets, small appliances and the like. Once you’ve assembled these, you will then send them back to the source. They’re usually fairly easy jobs. When you’re done, you can simply send the finished products back to the source.

So where does the problem lie?
For many of these work-at-home assembly jobs, there is a high rate of rejection. Companies can simply declare the completed work as unsatisfactory or that it failed to meet set standards of quality. As a result, you will not be paid for your job after you’ve spent hours and hours of your time doing assembly work.

Should you go for it?
It’s hard to say whether work-at-home assembly jobs are all unreliable. However, if you do want to do this type of job, look for a company you can trust.

Do your research and ask for real references. If the job is not worth it, why bother? There are plenty of other opportunities out there waiting for you.

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