3 Great Jobs for Nurses Who Prefer to Work at Home

work at home nurseCan nurses work at home?

Absolutely! You don’t have to be stuck working at a hospital or medical facility when there is so much more you can do as a work-at-home medical professional.

Here are a few choices for you:

Disease management
The field of disease management has grown significantly over the past few years. Many firms are offering the services of professionals such as registered nurses through phone-in and online consultations. Patients who have concerns simply call a phone number to get in touch with a nurse. Nurses can then answer questions and make out-bound calls to people who need monitoring and medical advice, especially those suffering from chronic conditions.

Case management
As a work-at-home nurse, your job will be to evaluate and manage disability claims filed by patients. You will also perform early intervention for medical concerns of patients who have been injured or sick and will be going back to work. Through your evaluation, you will determine whether or not they ought to obtain more medical treatment or are fit enough to start working again.

Medical transcription
This is a very flexible work-at-home job for nurses, perfect for those who wish to use their medical background and computer skills. It is also one of the fastest rising home-based jobs for those in the field of health care. It’s less demanding and lets you set the number of work hours you prefer.

Your work will be to transcribe recorded diagnoses, medical reports and correspondence made by doctors and health care professionals. You can choose whether you want to work independently or with a more established firm. Either way, you get to work at home and still be in the challenging field you trained for.

Do already have experience as a Work at Home Nurse? Care to Share?

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  • James Marvin

    hmmm…. but how?

  • kariza

    i would like to inquire on how would we apply on these jobs…

  • sofia

    how to apply?
    send me the details pls. im a nurse


  • sofia

    i would like to inquire how to apply


  • Jenna

    major insurance companies have Disease Management offering work at home opportunities.
    also for Case Management.
    look into the large corporations such United, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna.
    They do offer work at home opportunities, however you do have to prove yourself to the corporation that you are a self motivator and will stay on task.. How do you prove that? You start by working in one of their offices for a given time frame. How do I know? I work for a major corporation in Disease Management!! I am an RN who has the benefit of working at home AND making more than I was in the hospital… they are out there, just go looking!!
    Good luck!!

  • This post is very helpful for Filipino nurses who have no jobs yet coz hospitals are too full. Great Idea.

  • What a relief to discover a page that may be ultimately really worth reading! I’ve been seeking all-around about this topic but men and women just put rubbish posts, or brief meaningless posts. I have seen a couple vids on youtube but it’s now the same as reading a good post. Great job!

  • mon

    i am curious to know how i can get nursing experience since i just passed the most recent nursing board licensure exams but hospitals are not too eager to employ nurses without experience. in addition, i am a second courser and may be above the age limit.

  • zel

    im interested. how can i apply?

  • Filipino workers are truly amazing. A friend of mine hired Filipinos to help him with his blogs and he is happy working with them. Most of his workers are registered nurses from the Philippines.