What to wear this Summer while working at home

Are you preparing for the Summer Break? Whether you have to work at home or you will be on vacation, choosing what to wear this summer is very important.  Since summer is just around the corner and you know how humid here in Manila, you really have to make sure all to wear cotton made shirts or fabric.

Since I’m not a trend whore I hardly even prepare or even think of what to wear during summer that I think is the reason why I ended bringing polo shirt in Boracay instead of cotton shirts or sandos. This summer you don’t even need to bring jeans on your travels because it’s too hot. All you need is shorts and t-shirts made of cotton and don’t forget the sandals.

If you are planning to travel make sure not to wear sport shoes (unless you will be trekking) walking is more comfortable if your just wear flip flops. Sandals are easy to slip on and help you stay cool during the warm summer months. Sandals are generally comfortable to wear, are easy to manage (you can usually just put them on and go), promote foot health, and can add fun and excitement to your outfit. If you want to make sure that your sandals will give you comfort, make sure to shop in the afternoon. Our feet swell as the day progresses, so for the best fit you shouldn’t try on sandals before noon.

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