The 3 Best Cameras for Freelance Photobloggers

canon best camera for photobloggingPhotoblogging is a great way to express yourself. Using your trusty camera, you can capture images of your travels that will allow your readers and blog viewers to see the world through your eyes.

Through images, you can even make a living: some photobloggers sell their images to magazines or photography enthusiasts and thus make money off something that they enjoy.

Do you want to start photoblogging? Heres some tips that will help you decide what camera to buy:

What are the Best Cameras for a Freelance Photoblogger?

If you are interested in photoblogging, then you will need a good camera to carry around as you capture your images. Here are the three best ones for you.

The EOS Rebel XTi Black SLR digital camera shoots at around 10 megapixels, and features zoom lenses that can allow you to take even better pictures. Manufactured by Canon, this camera costs upward of about five hundred dollars, keeping it within mid-range of professional cameras. If you are a photoblogger with hardly anything in your wallet, this may be an investment that you might want to save up for.

Nikon cameras have long been known for their excellence, but they can be expensive, so be prepared to shell out at least seven hundred dollars for a very good model. This investment, however, is worth it: Nikon cameras deliver very good color and resolution, so if you intend to sell your pictures to collectors, then this camera brand may be for you. In particular, look for the Nikon D80 SLR Digital Camera, which is mid-range for Nikon but which can take good pictures.

For the beginning photoblogger, the Canon PowerShot SD1000 is a great bargain at a little under two hundred dollars. Canon’s cameras shoot well and the functions are easy to learn. Moreover, for photobloggers who like playing around with pictures by changing from colored to black and white or sepia, this model might be good enough for you.

Search for the Best

Cameras can be difficult to maintain so if you are looking for one, make sure that you have the budget to keep your camera functioning well for a long time. This way, you can really make the most of your photoblogging experience.

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How about you? What camera are you using? Care to share some tips?

  • I have the same model of digital camera and recommend it to everyone. It’s fabulous. Thanks to explain its functioning

  • i’ve always wanted that rebel xti, but it’s a bit pricey. are you using wordpress in your photoblog? what’s that template you’re using? wanna share :D

  • i like the Nikon ..better

  • /zyloprim/

    Nikon da best

  • Sweet post. Right now im using a canon powershot on my recipe blog but in the future I hope to upgrade to a nice nikon.

  • I’m buying a Canon right now. Soon I’ll know his true potential.

  • glad for a quick description of Canon PowerShot SD1000-sounds like, for my budget, this is the one I will want to try. does it have any serious drawbacks, anyone?

  • Tommy

    I have a small camera, just a poket one. but i would like to buy a bigger one. so for 400 Dollars. What can you give for tip? Wih one should i Buy? sorry for my english

  • Nice post.
    cannon have been my camera since before digital came out(yes i am over 21).you cannot go wrong with Canon.
    Ease of use – features – quality want more do you want

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  • This is one of my favorite digital cameras, it’s practically a classic.

  • Photoblogging is a great way to express ourselves. Photos can make a blog colorful.