Providing Content for YouTube? Use a Cheap Video Camera

canon zr800 video camera for video bloggingDo you want to start your own Vlog ( Video Log )? Who knows maybe you are the next Christine Gambito of, a popular Pinay YouTube Celebrity. If you’ve always had an interesting subject to film and want the whole world to know about it through YouTube, why spend too much on a video camera?

There are plenty of good ones out there that you can use and you don’t have to skimp on the nice features, either. Here are a few of the cheap yet very functional video cameras you might want to pick up next time you’re in a gadget store:

Casio EX-S880
Want YouTube superstardom? This camera understands you more than you know. After all, it was created with a Casio’s exclusive YouTube capture mode, called BEST SHOT. This feature lets you shoot video footage and then save it as a movie using the best and highest quality size and setting designed for YouTube use. You can do that using 8.1 megapixels and an H.264 compression feature. And the price isn’t too bad either. This camera retails for about $230.

Flip Video
The flip function in this cheap video camera comes from its USB connection that’s built into the unit. Just flip it out and you can send your photos to your computer in seconds. That function lets you edit, store and share your photos and video, especially on YouTube. The camera is pretty cheap, starting at just $119.

Canon ZR800
The video quality on this camera is excellent, especially for its price range (about $130 to $360). It has a 35x zoom lens, great color reproduction and joystick control. Just make sure to shoot with enough lighting, though, since this camera doesn’t work too well in dim or low-light conditions.

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  • Interesting post – keep up the articles brother

  • Andrey Troy

    If you want to have a good quality….. I hope you understand!!

  • I was looking for a cheap camera for a long time.
    I don’t want it for YouTube , I want it for my personal use.
    I love filming. I have lots of video taped by me.May be some day i will share.

  • I have been a photographer for many years. For You Tube a cheap digital camera would be fine

  • i will recommend you to buy a digital, cannon,, or sony camera from this. site because of cheap and best quality cameras..
    i have bought a camera from them

  • The price of the camera is acceptable.