Will You Ever Need a Printer for Your Mobile Phone?

portable printer for mobile phonesWorking nowadays is all about being mobile: you can write documents on your mobile phone or handheld device, do calculations, take travel or even wacky photos, have some accounting software do your work, and you can send it off to your boss or co-workers.

Also on the market are printers that are designed for mobile phones: all you need to do is lug the printer around and hook it up when you need to get your document printed.

Isn’t it nice if you can print out a personalized business card when on a business call? When we think of printers, what we always have in mind are the the old bulky printers.

Now, a new generation of portable photo printers makes it easy to print when in your car, at a store, at a party or even while on vacation in Boracay! 

But do you really need a portable printer for your mobile phone?

The Advantages and Downsides of Easy Printing

Of course, if you’re after the convenience of printing something on demand, then a portable printer may be for you. This is especially true if you are always on the go and travel a lot, and if you are going to have a hard time carrying documents around with you. This is also applicable if you are going to travel to countries where you are not sure about the location of Internet cafes, and if you have no money to burn on the expensive business center in your hotel.

However, if you have a printer and you are relatively stable in your office, then you do not need to spend a lot of money getting a portable printer for your mobile phone. You can simply send your document to your mail account, access your document at your office, and then print through it. Moreover, if your printers are in a network, you can add your mobile phone to that network, and then simply send documents to your printer when you need to print them.

Is Portable Printing Really for You?

Getting a portable printer for your mobile phone can be extremely tempting, especially if you are fond of gadgets and if you have a lot of work to print out. However you still need to weigh the advantages and disadvantages so that you do not end up spending your money on something that you will not need.

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  • I think portable printer is a problem. Now a days in every office internet connection and printers are available.We can print our important document any time.
    but the people who loves gadget can buy that.

  • dot

    I think that the portable printers are really meant for those people on the go. I used to have a portable printer for my laptop which I carry around with me whenever I go overseas for a business meeting. But it used to be the 90’s and bluetooth and wifi was not even invented yet or maybe not available. I would still say that it is usefull when you are in a jam

  • I think I don’t really need a portable printer..I love printing photos and if I used a portable printer for that it will cost me a lot of money to buy a very good one.^_^

  • I think it is a very useful gadget for everyone who is working in a computer related field and has to do a lot of printing work.

  • I would have to agree with other comments made. I think this is more of a boy’s toy than a useful requirement. With virtually all new mobile phones now offering as standard USB and wireless connectivity to computers it seems a little daft to have a special printer specifically for this task.

  • Cheap Mobile Calls

    I can see the usefulness of a portable printer to some people. However, are they really needed? You can save your work and print off at home, work, or the nearest place that does have a printer.