Top Camera Accessories Photography Newbies Should Have

Camera accessories are not always a necessity but they can enhance your photography experience and add to the functionality of the device. Here are the top camera accessories every photography newbie should have:

Memory cards
If you’re using a digital camera, it probably already carries a built-in memory. Although that would suffice, as your photography hobby grows, so will your need to take more pictures or shoot more video footages. Built-in camera memory can only do so much. Find a card with a high capacity or buy two that has medium-capacity for emergencies.

Optical zoom lens
The basic function of the zoom lens is to get you closer to your subject. So for those very personal shots up close, get yourself some additional lens to capture far-off objects.

A tripod may seem like a very trivial choice but it will come in handy if you want to work independently, shoot a steady picture or even take photos of yourself. A tripod is bulky but it will prevent a shaky camera shot.

Camera bag
A durable if not the best camera bag not only holds your camera, it also protects it from dirt, dust, heat and moisture. And it will also hold other accessories as well.

With a photo printer, there’s no need to download your photo or video files onto a computer for printing. Feed your memory card onto the printer, make a few changes and start printing.

Editing software
Do you always take less-than-perfect photos and videos? An editing software will fix all that and make you look like a pro. This is an excellent camera accessory to get because it lets you modify your photos and just have fun.