What’s Next for the All Mighty iPod?

The iPod has certainly revolutionized the way we listen to music: thanks to the iPod, people can listen to music on the go, download the songs that they want from the Internet, and even hook up their iPod to their computers and synchronize everything so that they can store both music files and ordinary files on their portables!

How has the iPod been revolutionized in these past few months?

More Memory, More Improvements

With its nifty touch screen, the iPod touch is already available in a 32 GB model, as well in the older 16 GB and the much smaller 8 GB model. With more gigabytes, iPod touch’s newest model can allow enthusiasts to store more movies and more songs. This means more free time nicely taken up by that newest rental from the Mac store, or that new album by your favorite R&B artist, all without you worrying if your iPod will explode for lac of memory.

This big boost of memory might just be what the iPod users need, although there are only a few more changes that users can perhaps speculate on, given that the iPhone can do so much more than the iPod can. With its touch screen, its own iPod capabilities, and yes, a phone, the iPhone can deliver so much more, prompting Mac’s developers to create new and bigger applications that can allow the iPhone to do even more things.

So Now What?

The iPod has its own music downloads store and video rental store, so there might be little to ask for except for even more storage space. For those who want to upgrade (or even add to their collection) the iPhone is available, with its dozens of applications that will only see more growth and further additions in the future.