Tips on Picking the Right Blogs You Should Guest Blog For

effective guest bloggingWhen you guest-blog, don’t just write for every blog you come across with. There is an art to writing blogs for others. Here’s how to pick the right blogs you should guest-blog for:

Determine your interests and strengths as a blogger.
Becoming a guest blogger means joining a community. And since you will be writing with that community, you will be a reflection of their culture, ideas and style. What do you want to blog about? Who are your target readers? What type of reaction are you gunning for?

Look for a blog that fits your interests.
Do research on the types of blogs online that you can write for. Look for blogs that offer topics you like and can write about. Remember that the more interested you are about the topic, the better quality blogs you can produce.

Read past entries and get to know the type of readership the blog has. Check out write-ups by other guest bloggers as well. You should also try to determine the type of tone that is prevalent in the blog. Do guest bloggers write with humor, are they sardonic, formal or do they use plenty of slang? These little things matter when it’s your turn to guest blog.

Find out about requirements for guest blogging.
Host bloggers often post their invites for guest blogs on their sites. They will also include information about the type of content they want. Take note of any restrictions as well or find out about preferred topics. There are some host blogs that make a list of the type of content they want to post, so find out what they are before you submit your write-up.