Mobile Worker? Here are Three Sites for You

tips for mobile workersPeople like to work on the go nowadays, and, thanks to handheld devices, laptops, and mobile phones, people can practically work anywhere. This can be an advantage for bosses who want to save money by hiring out freelancers for a job; it can also be an advantage for magazines that count on the contributions of different members who have to report from different locations.

Mobile workers often have the convenience of their own time. If you are a mobile worker, here are a few sites that you may want to check out to keep you informed about the world of mobile employment.

Three Good Sites for the Mobile Worker

You as a mobile worker are the new brand of nomad, so hop over to  for blogs, articles, a forum, and even a store for mobile working. This site features a good deal of reviews of things that will help you on your travels, such as laptop and travel gear.

At , you can find blog articles for the mobile worker, but this time concentrating on those who telecommute. Topics range from working in a digital office, getting good laptops, and even describing the software that people like to use when running their businesses.

Lastly, for those who love the feeling of location independent living, go to , and read on articles that will help you move office while taking your job with you. There’s advice on destinations, as well as the reality of location independent life.

Keep Searching

For more information on how you can be a better mobile worker, and how you can improve or take care of your mobile working gadgets, keep on searching through the Internet using your favorite search engine. With a lot of research and a lot of hard work, you can enjoy your job by knowing it better.

  • I really like that Nunomad site, makes me want to quit my job and go just like they say. My sister is thinking of doing a blog from home and having ads on it etc. Do you ever think the market will be saturated with bloggers? Or is content still King?

  • Hello! Thanks so much for mentioning NuNomad on your site. It’s always great to know people are finding us – and thanks Christine for visiting! We’re trying very hard to bring helpful information out there to those who’d like to see the world while they keep their income coming in.


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    I’m not a mobile worker yet, but I will be :)

    Thanks for this resource!

  • Thanks for the info dude. Really appreciate it.

  • Hi Melo,
    Thanks for the great article! I’ll be bookmarking the three sites you’ve mentioned. I work at home, but am becoming more & more mobile-these resources should help out immensely!


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