Five Easy Ways To Get Your Creativity Flowing

When you write an article, you’re trying to do more than just get words onto that empty space on a page. You are trying your utmost to get a message across to your readers and not only grab , but keep their interest throughout the length of the article.

Creativity is the most important thing you’re going to need for this process to be successful.

There is an art to using words to put vivid images into the mind of the reader. A creative flair and a knack for language will allow you, as a writer to create the kind of concise yet descriptive wording and to masterfully use literary conventions to build something worthy of reader’s attention. Being able to put the ideas of an article in a way that keeps pulling your readers eyes down the page is the kind of creative skill that gets your articles published, read and recommended to others.

So what happens when you sit there, facing an empty page and drawing a blank on what should go there when there’s writing to do?

Here are five easy methods of keeping that dreaded writer’s block at bay.

  1. Keep something, a notebook, post-it notes, what have you handy to write down your ideas whenever they come to you. Any kind of sensory experience can give you an idea don’t waste these. We’ve all had those brilliant ideas that slip away from us a short time later. Write down memorable things you hear or read, they may be useful in developing your own work later. The best idea you’ve ever had could come at any time. Trust me, write it down no matter how sharp you think your memory is.
  2. Take a little time to relax yourself before starting out on an article. You’ll need to have a clear head to get your creativity into high gear. Try to eliminate any and all distractions. Think back to your recent experiences; your own life can and should the biggest influence on your writing.
  3. Create a workspace that fosters your creativity. Creativity springs from being in a good frame of mind, keep annoyances and anything that hinders you from writing well away from you when you’ve got writing to do. Make your workspace one that is enjoyable to spend time working in. Make sure it stays clean and organized it can be very difficult for many people to concentrate in a disorganized, cluttered space.
  4. Set the mood for yourself. Try to figure out a way to get your creativity going – there are many different ways to accomplish this. Some use music, for instance while others prefer to use lighting to create a setting that puts them in the mood and mind frame to get writing work done.
  5. Go on a little getaway. Anything that gets you away from your normal routine will do fine. Go for a walk or a bike ride, for instance. Even brief breaks like these could get your imagination fired up, and you’ll find yourself returning to your desk mentally refreshed and ready to get going on that article.

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