Pay to Play: How You Can Earn Cash by Playing Online

make money by playing online gamesWould You Like to Make Money Playing Games?

The internet has revolutionized the world of gaming. You can now earn cash from playing online games. Yes! You can make money by playing or testing an online game.

Making money online with a gaming site requires time and networking ability and of course your commitment.

Here are some ways to get money from playing.

Online Video Game Tester
One of the best ways to earn money from playing video games is to be a game tester. There is really such a job that you will get paid to test the quality of an online game. Almost anyone can be an online video game tester as gaming companies test their games through the eyes of different people. But if you want this to be your permanent job, you will have to be able to operate their software proficiently and be tenacious enough to play the game long and hard to reach the different levels of the game. Also, experience is a plus in this kind of career.

Tournament Games
Another way of earning cash through playing is by joining tournaments. There are a lot of online tournament games available that pay out huge cash prizes. Although you technically cannot make a career out of these, if you are a really good at online games, they can earn you a lot of money.

Role-Playing Games
Role-playing games or RPG is the latest fad in making money through online gaming. Some RPG addicts employ good gamers to develop their characters and up their levels. Some also market their character weapons, clothes and other accessories that make an ultimate gaming experience for role-players. You will be shocked at what cost some gamers are willing to pay for these.

The internet has not closed its doors to possibilities. There are still many other games that can earn you money through playing online games.

Maybe in time, all of us will just play for a living. Just have a focused mind and try to learn new skills, you start making money playing games today.

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  • I enjoy your post.Thanks for share some tips about earning games.

  • I actually know someone who tests games for a living, and he keeps telling us all how it’s the best job he’s ever had, and why the heck didn’t he figure it out like 20 years ago etc… Gotta love getting paid for having fun all day! (man wish we all could do that…)

  • Sounds like some fun ways to make money!

  • It’s a really tough field to get in. I’ve been playing video games my whole life and am not going to hold my breath on scoring a gig like that.

    The tournaments aren’t really as exciting as they seem. Plus, a lot of it is pure luck. You could be on a hot streak or just having a bad gaming day.

  • I live by Blizzard. I wonder if I could get a job testing games for them. Talk about dream job.

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  • Sounds like a super fun job! Who wouldn’t love doing that?!

    I have to agree with hijinks though — I’m sure it’s VERY tough to get into!

  • excuse me — i was looking at the comments wrong! i was commenting @ Jbourne not hijinks! My bad!

  • Getting paid to test online games would be really cool. Where can you find jobs like that?

  • I doubt this is worth your time. It’s really hard to earn money by playing games and you won’t have any future. A 2 years old game is an “old” game

  • I love playing RPGs online! I just wish I could do it all the time and make a living off of it!

  • to Kaile: You can try applying for a beta tester on various game companies. Send an email or something

  • …Making money playing games, it’s funny) Please, call me when people could make money doing shopping, sleeping and eating)))

  • Along with RPG’s especially with World of Warcraft, there are a number of sites that sell gold, but also will pay you to sell them gold. It isn’t much, i think it’s somewhere around $0.15 per gold, but for people that play World of Warcraft day in and day out, $0.15 per gold can add up pretty quickly.

  • know what, my cousin earn big in this kind of field. i dont much know the feature of the game.. and unfortunately, he stay up late. never did his homework and loose his school.. would you think this is good?

  • nzsmostwanted

    I have been looking at several game testing sites and they all seem to lead to ‘Game testing ground’ which looks cheap foe 24 months.It would be about $100. in total.But how do i know that
    company will not just take my money and run? Does anyone have experience with this site and payments?

  • Nice blog about earning cash online by playing games. I currently play Diablo 2 and auction off my items on ebay. That is also a way to earn cash online with games. Diablo 2 is a pretty cool RPG.

  • awesome post! glad i found your site, it was on accident though =/ check mine out if you want. im still really working on it but it should be great soon

  • There are so many ways to make money online. The trick is to learn from a mentor, then stick to the gameplan until you get it. Then automate, outsource and move on to the next system.