Clickbooth Publisher Network : A new way to make money online via CPA and Affiliate Network

clickbooth publisher and affiliate networkAre you looking for additional ways to make money online?

ClickBooth is an online CPA advertising and Internet affiliate network created to provide every tool necessary to create a successful marketing campaign. As a leading CPA Publisher network, they will provide you access to thousands of the biggest publishers in the industry. provides biggest payouts in the industry for publishers with high targeted traffic and quality website or blog content. They also provide unique pre-tested offers, referral payouts, great phone and email support.

CPA stands for Cost per Acquisition or Cost per Action and is a leading form of media buying that provides advertisers with the true value of a consumer. As a payment model, CPA means advertisers pay publishers per lead. The lead is a set action by the advertiser which publishers users must complete. Such actions range from inputting email address or zip codes to purchasing a product. Payouts for set actions vary accordingly.

Clickbooth Publisher Network provides partners with a progressive full-service management platform dedicated to optimizing revenue generation for both its Advertisers and Publishers and delivered in one convenient package.

Access is given to top-of-the-line third party technical resources, the highest quality traffic with top dollar payouts and an exclusive inventory of advertisers and publishers. A team of experts will work around the clock to assist in maximizing a campaign’s performance.

Clickbooth is focused on delivering unprecedented efficiency in the buying and selling of online advertising. Advertisers leverage the network to receive optimized global reach at dynamically efficient pricing, while Publishers realize the benefit of 100% inventory fill technology.

It’s the only solution you’ll ever need to manage your online campaign. A one-stop-shop if you will. The last network you will ever need.

  • What’s your thoughts on CB versus Azoogle? Things have been pretty good on Azoogle, but I question the lack on conversions on some programs.

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