Three Biggest Mistakes You Should Know About to Avoid Them in the Future

It is often said that we learn more from our mistakes than the accomplishments we made. We’d even admit that we also learn more from other people’s mistakes than our own. 

Indeed, as freelancers, we commit several freelancing mistakes that have either make or break our online career. Whether that mistake made you a better person or not, first hand experience is always a catalyst for higher learning.

Here are the three biggest freelancing mistakes you should know about to avoid encountering them in the future:

  1. Under-pricing
    Most of us have online jobs to earn more income. As freelancers, we also have the right to earn a fair amount of income with regards to the amount of work we do. So how do you know if you are under-pricing? Well, if you are doing good work and you have never lost any bid, then perhaps your prices are very low indeed.
  2. Over-committing
    Even though your client has been paying you well, you must never allow him to monopolize your time. Having a freelancing job means that you have the right to take control of your time rather than your client doing it. Before you agree of doing freelance work, make it known to your client that he will not be dictating the amount of time you dedicate in it.
  3. Failing to sell
    Aside from money issues, you also have to deal on the thought of advertising yourself and the services you do to gain more prospects. A fact that most freelancers fail when selling the services they offer is because they generally focus on the client’s ability to pay and the amount they will generate rather than the help itself. Be more generous and undemanding when you advertise yourself.