Boost Your Book Sales Market Online!

book marketing boost salesAre you planning to publish your own book? Before anything else, you need to make sure you have a target market, network or fanbase. Many book authors these days struggle to get decent sales of their books. It is usually not about bad quality or bad topic but about not-so-good marketing campaign.

Book launches and book signings are a great tool to market books. However, these are not enough to win the number of readers you need to make a decent sale. What authors need is online marketing.

Online marketing is the best thing an author can do to increase his sales. For authors out there who are at a loss when it comes to online marketing, here are some tips to get your books off the shelves.

Basic Online Marketing Tools

Online marketing would become as easy and normal as breathing once you get the basics. It is basically the same as print and broadcast marketing. First, you have to have your own website. Then attract traffic by using audio, video and superb copywriting.

Audio. You can create a good audio book version of your book and put some chapters on your website as teasers for your paperback. This audio book would get the readers into reading the book and would, of course, want to know how the story ends. Hence, they would end up buying your paperback or even the whole audio book itself.

Video. You can create video reviews of your book and post them on your website and other websites, as well. You can videotape yourself, say something about your book and invite people to buy it. You can also ask other people, who have read your book, to tell people what the book meant to them and post their videos on your site and other websites, too.

Copywriting. Of course, you would need a very good copy written for your website to promote your book effectively. This is best done by someone else, who have read and loved your book. Suffice to say, it would seem like a joke if you praise your own work.

So have someone else, who is truly passionate about your book, do it for you.

  • Good marketing advice — whatever it is that you’re trying to market. Clear copy is always important, video and audio are always helpful, too.

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    There are some ideas in there that I would of never though of.

  • I am surprised at the fact that Ebooks are still popular. I guess there are many new internet users so there is still no need for advanced methods like videos.

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  • Nice points above, but especially like the video review. And in response to “the fat rich pig”, ebooks will probably never go away and they grow rapidly daily. As far as video, video is a very popular medium for getting the word out and ranks very well.

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