Top Five Reasons to Work at Home

five reasons to work at homeThe number of people deciding to work at home has been on the rise for years and it increases much more with each new year. In the Philippines, I’ve been seing a lot of bloggers discussing about freelance jobs and the idea of working at home.

There’s about a million reasons why you many want, or need, to work at home but here are five of the top reasons I have heard people give for deciding to work at home…

1) Gas Prices – It’s no secret to anyone with a car that the gas prices these days are ridiculously high. When you have to commute an hour to work each way, you can go broke just paying for gas. If you work at home you don’t have to worry about paying for gas just to get to work.

2) Pay Yourself – You aren’t limited by an hourly wage or yearly salary. The amount of money you make rests almost entirely within yourself and you can virtually write your own checks. With all the ways there are to make money online, you can do many things to make a living working at home and there are few limitations on the size of the income you can earn.

3) Freedom – When you work at home you have the freedom of working a schedule that you set. Don’t like to get up early? Fine just start working later in the day. Want to go to the beach today? Just pack your lap top and get some work done while soaking in the sun.

4) Family – One of the best benefits of working at home is that you get to spend much more time with your family. You aren’t away all day or night working at the office. You can finally have the quality time you have always wanted with your family.

5) Necessity – There are plenty of reasons why it is simply necessary to work at home. Maybe you have a disability that prevents you from going to a regular job. You might have to be at home to take care of the kids. It’s possible there aren’t any good jobs in your area. Or any of about a thousand other reasons why it is necessary for you to work at home.

That is by no means and exhaustive list of the reasons for working at home. There are countless reasons why working at home might be for you and it’s possible that none of your reasons are even on the above list. That’s ok. We each have our own reasons for doing things. What’s important is that you have made the decision to improve your quality of life and start doing something that you enjoy!

Trent Brownrigg is a successful internet marketer, blogger, and online business mentor. His passion is helping people work at home and make money online. He will also teach you everything you need to know about home business

  • I also work at home, and I agree with you, the benefits are enormous. give up the luxury of choosing the hours that you work is very good. great article very useful and will help many people to change their mind. bye

  • Carole

    I started working at home after I retired, and I love it. I wish I had done this instead of the J.O.B. a long time ago.

    You mentioned a successful internet marketer. I also decided ultimately to talk to a coach, Terry Dean (, and this is the best decision I could have made. It has saved me not only money but time, and now I know exactly what direction I’m headed and the fastest way to get there.

    I like the blog and hope to be back.

  • I’m a freelance Web Designer/Developer in sydney.

    You missed on more off the list:

    The Surf – Taking the opportunity to surf before during and after work! Heh!

  • Amen brother, working at home is really great. Sometimes it can be distracting, but if you have a schedule and a list to follow you can make yourself stay on task. It is really helpful to have an office, where you are away from other distractions in the house.

  • Excellent post but I feel the biggest and promising reason for one to work at home must be Internet with bunch of opportunities today to earn lots of money.Ofcourse Freedom and Family are other advantages with working at home.


  • I have been working from home for over 7 years now.

    It’s fun being the only dad shopping around in the mall in the middle of the day with his kids.

    Well I don’t really shop. My wife does that.

    But I like to go to movies in the afternoon. The whole theater is ours and no one complains when my kids run around.

  • Working from home is more challenging than I thought. Having a daily plan is key for me. But, I do really enjoy the benefits of working at home as well.
    thanks for the post.