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When purchasing an account online, you can be assured that:

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  • Joana Horne

    something 2 see hi every1, like you guys are rite on with this last one

  • Xbox Tester

    Nice Tip

  • Very interesting site.. Hmm… Anyone tried it yet and care to review? =)

  • Why would anyone want to buy a wow character??? It isn’t interesting when you buy it, if I want to play than a will buy a game and play it from the start…

  • Anyone tried it yet and care to review? =) It isn’t interesting when you buy it, if I want to play than a will buy a game and play it from the start…

  • i sold my account for 600$ :P wow is like a disease :D

  • bob jones

    Buying World of Warcraft accounts or gold is a bad idea. I did it once and ended up getting my account banned! I was not very happy about that! Really the best way and most legitimate (to insure that this does not happen) is to buy world of warcraft guides instead. Sites like are good examples of resources that can be a huge help! All the best!

  • I will admit I have also bought accounts in the past, and one thing to add to the post that might help if you decide to go that route is to make sure you get the secret question/answer, and if possible get the cd-key. I do however have to agree with the last poster in that guides are definitely the safer way to go. There are actually some guides that can help you level a new character to 80 in less than 7 days played. If you want to find out which wow leveling guides are best then check out Happy gaming =)

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