Online Surveys : An Effective Tool to Improve Customer Service

online surveys improve customer serviceSometimes customers are very hard to please. They’re extremely media aware and sometimes they demand things that are not currently offered by your company but it’s somehow beneficial because each company got their own chance to innovate and improve customers experience and of course “customers satisfaction”. Online surveys reinvent the traditional format of getting feedbacks and offer a unique way of interaction with their client base.

When it comes to learning about a company’s customers experience, there is rarely anything more effective than a customer satisfaction survey. For decades, these surveys have given customers a chance to voice their concerns and sing the praises of the industries with which they deal. Very few argue against the efficacy of these mini-quizzes, acknowledging the surveys as a landmark tool toward open communication with the consumer. What has come into question, however, is the best way to get solid responses to the quizzes and questions put forth.

Knowing what the customer wants is a necessity of business. Getting that information is required in order to fully anticipate where a business should focus its energy. With so many options available, online surveys seems to be the most effective method of gathering customer feedback. Implementing online customer surveys is seamless, just make sure to get an effective online survey software. is the powerful online survey application that lets your company create surveys for any purpose and get feedback from customers to establish benchmarks and determine features for new product development. Using web based survey program is seamless, It can be launched in any format, sent directly as an e mail, as a link inside an e mail to a web page, printed as a paper survey, or any combination simultaneously. also easily integrates with all major enterprise applications and databases.

  • My uncle have a production company. I think it will be help for him. Thanks for your information.

  • great post! surveys can definitely aid a business and help identify what is needed or not wanted. i see a lot of retailers asking customers to fill out online surveys with incentives. nice post!

  • The best way to get customers (and even potential customers at that) to answer a survey is to offer a discount on a future purchase. Stores like the Gap give you a discount off your next purchase if you go to their site and fill out the survey after buying something. While 10-15% isn’t a lot at some places, it really adds up with clothes and it must work for them or else they wouldn’t continue doing it.

    Other big businesses offer you a chance to win $XXXX by doing it, but that’s far less motivation because you have a minuscule chance of it happening. I don’t even bother with those.

  • Yeah this is a really good idea. I think surveys could help many businesses out in identifying customer needs and addressing them.

  • Ray

    Online Surveys (including Online Marketing Surveys) have surely opened the gateways to better and successful marketing promotions. You have provided valuable insights about these surveys in this post. What I liked most was the phrase, “sing the praises of the industries with which they deal.” It’s really a one-of-a-kind interpretation on how online surveys bridge businesses and their customers.

  • Be careful. A lot of these are scam sites.

  • Nice post. I definately agree that online research is a great way for companies to obtain a feel for their markets. Even the elderly are online. I am a survey taker online and I find that often Universitys, Telecom Companies, and Food Product companies among many others are using either Survey Monkey or United Sample to relate to their consumers. I cant tell you how many legitimate surveys I take from either of those companies.

  • The key is to find the right survey screening service which will help you avoid the scams and boost your $/hr