Create well designed and interesting websites using flash components!

flash componentsSome people say that Flash components on a website are just attractive and take way too long to download. Well that was an accurate argument five years ago, because back then… internet connections are really slow. Flash powered websites takes too long to download specially if you are using a dial-up internet connection.

If you think back to the early days of the internet and how long it took you to watch those first Flash videos your friends sent you, or how impatient you became waiting for a website to load that had animated graphics on its splash page, you know why this argument has survived. But today, it is increasingly obsolete.

The majority of internet users today have high speed internet connections of some sort, as the affordability of this technology has increased.

Flash Components provides easy navigation, good design and attractive format for any web project. Flash components are easily customizable and easy to embed, you dont need to have a programming backgound. also offer different kinds of components from a simple preloader, to a very nice flv player and all are customizable and dynamic.

Various Flash components are organized by category, including CMS, Menus, Navigation, Sound and Video and Charts. Some of their best examples are the Flash Guestbook, the designersPoll, the flipNavigation and the beautiful 3D menu.

  • The Flash Guestbook uses PHP and MySQL to record feedback and comments from visitors and displays them via the Flash interface. Moderation is possible via the backend admin panel.
  • DesignersPoll offers a beautiful, simple, elegant and fully skinnable voting solution based on a XML file database.
  • The flipNavigation component offers the possibility to create entire websites, banners, widgets and slideshows with flip transitions using images, SWFs and movie clips, with no coding.
  • The 3D menu is a superb navigation solution for a modern website. It can also be modified to create a 3D photo gallery.

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  • I am agree with your all views for flash technology. There is doubt flash components make site more attractive & provides gud look. But you don’t think that they search engines don’t like flash components on a web page…………

  • there is no doubt flash components always gives good, attractive and professional look to a web page. I really agree with your views…………..

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  • I have some site and I like to make them with Flash design. I thinks this will be helpful for me. Thanks for sharing with us.

  • I’m really not a big fan of flash websites. The biggest disadvantage of them is that google doesnt understand it and its really bad for SEO. And we all know how important SEO is.

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    That is so true… I remember back in the day when I had a dial up connection!

    It used to take forever, I would literally load a site and go grab some coffee while it loaded.

    So glad high speed is here to stay! :)

  • Don’t overdo it with flash though. It gets annoying.

  • I have to agree with “Lastminute” there. Flash is good if used in moderation and for like minded aspects. I would tend to stay away from a totally flash website as it does have it’s downturns in SEO, however I’m not against putting some flash elements on my site either, just in moderation.

  • Flash works well for smaller areas. Menus are the most it could go. It adds variety to the website IMO.

  • I agree with Zohai. Flash are great only for smaller parts. Menu, banner, absolutely building a 100% flash websites i dont think it is a good idea.