Microsoft to offer cash rewards for search engine users

microsoft to offer cash rewardsMicrosoft said Wednesday it has adopted a new strategy to offer cash rewards to users in its fight against Google for the lucrative Internet search and on-line advertising business.

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates, at an annual conference for on- line advertisers, announced the company’s “Live Search Cashback” service, which rewards on-line shoppers with a cash refund.

“We want to earn your loyalty and reward it with cashback savings for your everyday on-line shopping,” the giant software maker said in a statement posted on its company website.

Under the new initiative, people who use Microsoft’s Live search engine to purchase products on-line could receive cash rebates, from a 5 percent rebate on a Canon Powershot digital camera to a 15 percent on a pair of Adidas running shoes.

To receive the rebates, users have to register for a free account with Microsoft. Once the total cash-back rebate amount equals 5 dollar or above, the money can be deposited in a bank account or a PayPal account or sent in a check in the mail.

The cashback service comes as Microsoft is reportedly negotiating with Yahoo for a search advertising deal to gain strength in its competition with Google, which dominates the Internet search market.

Microsoft withdrew it 47.5-billion-dollar offer to buy out Yahoo earlier this month, after the Silicon Valley search engine insisted on a higher price.

  • Microsoft competing with the cashback sites, it sounds kind of desperate but it will be interesting to see how it pans out.

  • Laminate Table Tops

    hummmmmmm,, We will see a very tough competition. Interesting…

  • I agree, this sounds like MS is getting really desperate.

  • It seems Google is getting harder and harder to beat as its competitors employ different tactics. I would definitely try it – don’t want google to own the market, there should be healthy competition around.