The Five Best Websites for Writers

best websites for bloggersBeing a writer is not all that it’s glamorized to be. You need to meet often insane deadlines, you need to write on topics that you have to do a lot of research on, and in the end, you may not be paid a lot.

If you are a novelist or a poet, then the monetary returns will be high only if you are famous; otherwise, you will need to keep your day job.

However, writers still unite and work together for writers rights, and here are five great websites that you as a writer can visit when you need help and resources.

The Good Websites that Can Make Writing Fun

Want a top 101 list every year of great websites that you can visit as a writer? Then log on to Writer’s Digest at . Here, you can find more resources on writing, agents, and what kinds of writing get paid the most.

The Writers Market at  is a great place to visit if you want to know who the markets are for your kind of writing. The online edition of this popular offline publication shows you contact information for various people involved in the publishing process.

Be aware of scam artists by visiting Preditors and Editors at . This site lists scam agencies, magazines, contests, and publishers that you should watch out for when scouring the field for potential markets for your work.

Eager to meet up with other writers? Then go to Absolute Write through . The site’s forums allows authors and writers to interact with each other, give advice to new or starting writers, and share information on publishing. There are also articles on how to improve your writing.

If you need an agent, then go to Agent Query at . Through this site, you can look at lists of agents and search them by the topics that they want to represent, their location, submission rules, and how to contact them.

Keep on Doing Research

As a writer, you need to keep on doing your research, and to keep yourself updated on the latest news in your field. As you know more about your market, you can find yourself getting better jobs and honing your writing skills at the same time.

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