Uploading Video on Youtube : An effective way to generate traffic

uploading video's on youtubeVideo is the up and coming thing in marketing today. A lot of people became popular and some are even discovered in YouTube like Charise Pempengco. There are just so many ways you can use this media. A picture is worth a thousand words and what better way to market your hot selling product than through a video.

The latest thing to hit the marketing scene is video blogging or Vlogging. You can just use your own video camera and up load your video to your blog. It is not too hard and can easily be done for pennies. You can then promote it as you would a regular blog.

As well as blogging there are many other websites where you can upload your video for the world to see and sell more of your product than ever before. Many of them are free like Youtube and Google video. You can generate traffic by putting your promotional URL on the video. You can announce your video to your visitors and newsletter subscribers to generate more traffic to them.

You can also place a link to your video in your direct marketing advertisements. This will mean that you can pre sell with your ad and then close the sale with your video clip. You can additionally use your videos to create curiosity and excitement about your sponsor’s products and get visitors to click through to your sponsor’s site. When done properly this will increase sales conversions and get you a bigger commission check.

Marketing with videos is a fun way to promote and pre sell products. You can make your own videos and upload them to your website or the others mentioned. Your visitors will be enthralled and you will increase your sales conversions. Everyone likes watching videos and seeing is certainly believing. Videos can win over those visitors who are just a little skeptical as to whether it really works.

  • Should we use windows movie maker to make these? I’m using windows and I’d like to find a good decent tutorial on how to make videos, can you help?


  • Think about Adobe Premiere Elements in order to add cool effects to your video. It also support flash encoding and direct upload… ;)

  • I have come to realize that not everyone is a natural Internet reader. The Web is great place for people like myself that like to scan tons of text to learn about new stuff. But for a lot of people, they’d much rather spend their time watching Youtube. This is why I think there’s tons of potential to reach a whole new segment of the population with video blogging and video tutorials.

    Some tips for making great videos:

    1. Invest in a high quality webcam and mic – it makes all the difference when people can actually hear what you’re saying and the picture doesn’t look like an acid trip

    2. Use subtitles to reinforce important information, and use shadowing or glows to make the text more readable.

    3. Use music with no lyrics to set the tone and provide some ambiance to the video. Music is subconsciously devoured, and is very powerful.

    4. Edit out long pauses, ‘mistakes’, answering the phone etc. It also helps to keep intros and non-vital portions of the video to a shortened length, as most people will find these portions more annoying than anything.

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