Choosing the Right Web Hosting Company for your WordPress Blog

Web hosting companies have mushroomed in the market with the growth in the web hosting business over the last few years. It has become quite hard to be a web hosting company nowadays. With the growth in business almost every web hosting company now offers reseller hosting, so starting your own company for web hosting has become quite easy and profitable as the initial investments in this case are low.

But choosing right hosting solutions requires some precise knowledge and guidelines. First of all you should be well aware of your hosting requirements. You won’t be requiring a great bandwidth and huge disk space if you are planning to start a small website. No one will suggest you to go for expensive hosting plans in this case. You can go for any shared hosting company and save some of your precious investment. You can also compare plans being offered by these shared hosting companies and choose the one which suits you best.

If you are looking for big space and huge bandwidth then you must go for dedicated server or VPS. Dedicated servers are recommended for those people who are having large websites with many advanced features and which require continuous updating. If you are going to have huge data transfer through your website then Web Hosting with dedicated server is recommended as in case of forums. But in case of static websites which do not require huge bandwidth and disk space and blogs, shared hosting is recommended as it saves you money.

Once you have penned down your hosting needs, go to some of the top hosting companies and have a look at their hosting features. You won’t be required to look at advanced features such as perl, mysql.php etc when you are going for a static website. But for blog or dynamic website you should look for these features as these features will be needed. Nowadays almost all hosts provide Fantastico, a feature which automatically installs WordPress and other scripts within few seconds when required. If you are planning for a dynamic website then do not forget to look for the latest version of PHP i.e. PHP5 which has some advanced features when compared to PHP4. It has many inbuilt advanced features and programming libraries which are very useful if you are a PHP developer.

As far as reliability on the hosting company is concerned, it can be easily measured once you go through the features list of the concerned company. You can also go to some forum having discussions related to web hosting and type the name of the company in search box and check the reviews of the company. Here you can find all the negative and positive aspects of the company and can decide the best option for you. You can also go through the testimonials of the clients if being posted on the websites. Some advice from friends or experienced people is also useful in deciding right company for you. Never ignore any warning when you are asking someone any advice.

  • We have an automatic installer for WordPress in our control panel. You just fill out 4-5 lines of info and the software does the rest. No need to know about FTP to get started. Many other hosts have this, it is part of the Fantastico package. We also have a WordPress package that you can add on at checkout that includes our favorite themes and plugins, pre-installed.

  • i do agree, great web hosting company is not easily found. Hosting companies who oversells are out there all the time.

  • I’ve had some trouble with web hosting companies in the past (who hasn’t?). When we finally decided to make the move to get our own dedicated server, it was hard to justify the additional cost every month. But now that we did it, I can honestly say it was one of the best moves we ever made. If anyone is tired of dealing with 3rd party web hosting companies, then you should look at investing in a VPS or dedicated server solution – you’ll be happy you did!

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