McAfee AntiVirus Review: More Than a Basic Antivirus Program

mcafee antivirus softwareMcAfee is a known name in the world of antivirus software and considered to be one of the leaders in the industry. It goes without saying, therefore, that McAfee Virus Scan 2008 is greeted with higher expectations than its other lesser-known competitors. This review lets you know if it was able to live up to its name in the end.

McAfee is friendly even to people with the least amount of interaction with computers. The antivirus program can be put to work in a snap as long as default settings are used.

Award-Winning Effectiveness
Whether McAfee Antivirus is effective or not is a no-brainer if you consider the awards and accreditations it received in 2007.

Excellent but Time-Consuming Updates
McAfee Antivirus updates its databases daily but requires users to sign in for every session. This can be painful when you’re in a big hurry.

Great Feature Selection : Considering Its Price
McAfee Antivirus isn’t perfect, but it’s far from worthless. Indeed, considering its price tag, the feature selection for McAfee Anti virus is quite rich. ScriptStopper and WormStopper can be used to prevent viruses and worms from spreading through emails. Scans can be used to search for any presence of not just malware, but spyware and adware as well. And of course, there’s the Emergency Response Team to ensure that your computer is protected from the latest attacks.

McAfee, however, doesn’t protection for your computer’s registry, P2P or file sharing and from instant messaging attacks. But then, if you had wanted those in the first place, you would probably be better off with the Gold edition.

  • I dont know why but a always loved the competitor, norton anti-virus. but i’m sure that McAfee AntiVirus also doing a great job.

  • Im not using McAfee as my antivirus since last 3 years,but it’s worth to try McAfee Virus Scan 2008 for my new laptop.Currently I’m using Kaspersky, maybe next time you can review about Kaspersky also.

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  • I wasnt using McAfee from 1 year. But I think it is worth to try McAfee Virus Scan 2008 now.