ClickBank selects PayPal for subscription based payment processing

ClickBank, the online retailer for buyers and sellers of digitally delivered products and services, has selected PayPal for recurring billing. The initiative enables product publishers to sell subscription-based content and services, including online newsletters or annual software licenses.

ClickBank representatives claim that almost 20 percent of the institution’s total business transactions are conducted via PayPal. ClickBank online commerce system has over 100,000 active affiliates, who are internet marketers who earn commissions by promoting ClickBank products, 35,000 digitally downloadable products, including e-books and software and more than 12,000 product publishers that register more than 25,000 daily transactions.

  • PayPal for recurring billing!!! Thats superb.I have an account in ClickBank.Thanks so much for this information.I am really excited about it

  • I have been using clickbank its a very good service.

  • Maryam Stephens

    Hi mate! Did you also think this it’s funny

  • Didn’t knwo that, it certainly is a good start but I am not a fan of PayPal as I find the a bit annoying. Thanks to the development of online money exchanges, alternatives exist and I hope CB offers some of them too