Top 3 AdSense Alternatives

What? You’re still on the lookout for AdSense alternatives?

Sorry to burst your bubble but there’s no ad network that can ever serve as an alternative to AdSense! I kid. I kid.

As many experts in site monetization will advise, it depends on your site’s target market and your site’s or blogsĀ content. Whether your site contains all-text content, videos or images, these should all be factored in choosing how to earn through advertisements on your site. Has your adsense account been disabled? So really, what can be considered as the best alternatives to the big ‘ol AdSense? Here are my top three AdSense alternatives:

3. Text-Link-Ads

Anyone who disagrees with me on this? If you’re site has been receiving somewhat low to moderate amount of traffic – TLA is your best bet. This is especially true if you have a high-paying topic on your blog. Sites dealing with gambling, online education, and pharmaceutical topics can be big TLA winners.

2. Kontera

Who haven’t tried Kontera on their blogs? Although somewhat annoying, Kontera can be one of the most appreciated alternatives to AdSense. The high click through rate because of the ads disguising as links do well for lots of publishers.

1. Direct Ads

Yes, you’re own ad network! You will find more success in earning from your site if you know how to play your cards on this one. With the right content and amount of traffic it won’t be too hard to score decent advertisers who don’t have to deal with middlemen that will decrease your earnings.

What are your top AdSense alternatives?