Coke Zero = Plurk – Twitter

It’s been a while since the last time i went to a Blogger’s Party and I think the last time was a couple of months ago when Christine Gambito AKA Happyslip visited the Philippines. Since I dont have work last Saturday and I really want to meet fellow travel bloggers, I decided to go and have some Coke Zero Overload

Buhay Coke ng Bloggers with SM Hypermarket was held last June 27, 2008 at Taste Asia at the HUGE Mall of Asia, Oh Well, My first time to eat @ Taste Asia and I had and great time. I will probably go back there to have Pork Barbeque with peanut sauce… My favorite that night, Nina Fuentes of will agree on that.

It’s amazing to meet and greet a lot of popular bloggers whom we admire online and get to know them more personally. Speaking of a popular blogger, I finally got a copy of Marc Macuha’s Google Adsense inspired business card.

Coke Zero (Equals) Plurk (Minus) Twitter

I met a lot of fellow Travel Bloggers like Nina, Marc and Gail Villanueva, Eric, Karla, Noemi etc. I realized that the reason why I’m not updated about some events and food trips is because Im not in “Plurk“. So whats with Plurk? Everyone loves to Plurk. It’s like Twitter, only Better. It’s fun to shout out a message and then have all subsequent threads neatly organized underneath. No wonder Im no longer being followed in Twitter Coz they already dumped it (LOL)  Plurk Now

Do you want to win Exciting Prices from Coca-Cola Philippines?

Here are the Mechanics for Buhay Coke Video Contest

Required Content

Tell us why you love Coke by sharing a “Buhay Coke” story through a video blog.


Your post will be judged on concept, style and its popularity and should simply answer the question – is it a compelling video to watch?


  • 1st Place – 1 Philips LCD TV
  • 2nd Place – 1 Apple iPhone
  • 3rd Place – 1 Sony Cybershot 7.2 MP Digital Camera
  • 4th Place – 1 Apple Ipod Nano
  • Consolation Prizes: Coke Zero

How to Join

  • Videos must run for a minimum of 1 minute and maximum of 4 minutes and uploaded in Youtube.
  • You may vlog in English or the vernacular.
  • Include a link to and and include the following tags: Buhay Coke, Coca-Cola Philippines, SM Hypermarket, Philippines supermarket.
  • To make an entry official, REGISTER HERE.


  1. Entries should be posted on or before July 31, 2008.
  2. We will announce the winners on August 8, 2008.